Intelligent design and product management


Evergreen Brickworks

Project Value: $35 million

Completion: August 2010


This project involves the transformation of 16 derelict buildings on the site of the former Toronto Don Valley Brickworks into an urban centre showcasing the conservation, adaptation and reuse of a significant archaeological and industrial heritage asset. The centerpiece is the LEED Platinum Office for Urban Sustainability building to house the offices of the Evergreen Foundation. Community resources in the form of discovery centres, food markets and children’s play areas are also incorporated into the overall plan. The project entails complex coordination and budget balancing as there are 3 architects and 2 landscape architects involved in the design. IPM was retained in March 2009 to provide ongoing project management and cost control support to Evergreen’s General Manager and support staff to provide heritage conservation expertise. IPM has been asked to provide redesign concepts directly to the client that have resulted in effective cost cutting and to manage cost/benefit decisions with regard to conservation work.