Intelligent design and project management


Orsini House Retirement Residence

Anglin House Assisted Living Centre

Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre

The Basilian Fathers of Toronto

Project Value: All phases $4.5 million

Completion: March 2010


IPM was asked to review the feasibility and costs associated with renovating an 18,000SF floor of the Basilian Fathers’ former 1950 seminary building to create a retirement centre. IPM worked closely with a construction manager to develop a design solution that met all the client’s needs and would cost only half that of an architect’s proposed new addition. IPM then assembled and managed the project team to implement its design. The Basilian Fathers authorized IPM to award subcontracts and approve Change Orders within the approved budget. The project was successfully carried out in a fully occupied building with no adverse impact. IPM directly managed all on-site design and contract administration issues. The work was completed in time to meet the client’s original move-in deadline and within the approved budget. In addition, IPM sourced and managed the delivery and installation of all furniture and room fittings.

As a result of the success of this project, IPM was immediately retained to undertake a larger, more complex renovation of the assisted-living facility on the floor immediately above the previous work within the building. All mechanical and electrical services were upgraded. IPM developed a structural solution for removing interior bearing walls that cost half of that designed by the structural engineer. The project also included the overhaul of the main elevator. Here, IPM undertook a competitive bidding process that saved the Fathers 25% over that quoted by the original elevator supplier. IPM also took advantage of the elevator work to develop a design solution to assist the elderly occupants of the building by reconfiguring the exterior elevator access, eliminating an overlong and deteriorating ramp with an at-grade stop for the elevator and an exterior vestibule. IPM also managed the complete replacement of the outdated fire alarm system throughout the building’s four floors while occupancy continued.

Insurance Damage Restoration
June-July 2010

Only four weeks after project completion, a hidden and faulty pipe burst within the old walls causing significant damage throughout the building and the forced relocation of several elderly residents. After eight weeks of waiting for the insurance company to respond with repair crews, The Basilian Fathers called upon IPM to step in and assist. Within 2 weeks IPM had competitively tendered and started the work. The costs were almost half that being quoted to the insurance company. IPM managed the repairs and restoration of the space within a very tight 4 week window. The residents have been moved back well before any of them anticipated the work would be completed.